Ironman Arizona

Ironman Arizona landed on my schedule unexpectedly, but I am convinced it was meant to be. Immediately following Ironman Mont Tremblant in August, I was determined to realize the hard-earned fitness that evaded me in Quebec. My target was Ironman Louisville in mid-October, which was slated to be the capstone to my busiest race season yet. (Above) All smiles and "hey, I know that guy with the camera!" during the practice swim. My master plan began unraveling in mid-September. On a standard morning run (one that Coach Flanny would describe as “nothing sexy”) I developed a sudden pain in my foot that felt eerily similar to an injury that had sidelined me for four weeks in January. This time it

Let's talk about Dietary Control

Last night I read a social media post that is stuck on my brain. It involved a topic that I feel very strongly about, and one that I encounter both personally and professionally on a daily basis: dietary control. If you follow triathlon, chances are you’re familiar with Holly Lawrence. If not, you can read about her accolades on her website. The Cliff’s Notes version: she’s a firecracker of a triathlete, having earned herself a World Champion title and several 70.3 wins over the past couple years. Then she had a startling DNF at the World Championships in Chattanooga this year. (For my uninitiated friends, DNF=Did Not Finish.) It wasn’t until yesterday that Holly bravely shared the series of

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