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Welcome to the Non-Diet Plan

There’s a saying that good nutrition is simple, but it is not easy. Between sensational headlines and life commitments, I am here to help you sift through the BS and find a path that works specifically for your lifestyle.


Competitive athlete?


Time-crunched recreationist?


Growing teenager?




No matter which hat you wear, together we can find the best method for your body and mind to be at the top of their game.


Taking care of yourself through healthy eating and physical movement doesn't have to be scary and un-fun. I take evidence-based guidelines and nutrition recommendations and package the science into easy-to-implement, small lifestyle changes. All foods can fit and healthy eating can be achieved on any budget or busy schedule. 

Most of all, my approach emphasizes a sound food relationship. Any of these intrusive thoughts sound familiar?

I'm addicted to sugar.

I have to eat all the chips NOW because I can't have them in the house, they're too tempting.

If I nail this workout, I'll allow myself dessert tonight.

I'll never figure out why I sabotage myself by [fill in the blank with unhelpful eating behavior].

I hear you. And I can help you. Let me be the last nutrition professional you ever hire.

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