How to be a healthy human

I have spent over 8 years working with people from every walk of life strive to live better through their nutrition choices.


As Registered Dietitian with a background in Sports Science and a Professional Triathlete, I understand the importance of balance in all areas of life. I have learned that a holistic approach to nutrition, physical activity, stress management and recovery are key to building successful habits and lifestyles.


I have worked in all aspects of nutrition, including long term care, corporate wellness, sports nutrition, maternal and child health, psychiatric care, metabolic disorders and multicultural practice. 

Professional Consulting Services

  • Individualized dietary analysis

  • Functional menu planning

  • Nutrition related to disease states

  • Sports nutrition

  • Nutrition and lifestyle presentations

  • Hands-on food demos

  • Nutrition and exercise articles 

  • Grocery Store Tours 

  • Engaging professional workshops

My goal working with any client or group is to try and show that eating healthy and moving more doesn't have to be scary and un-fun. I take evidence-based guidelines and nutrition recommendations and package the science into easy-to-implement, small lifestyle changes. All foods can fit and healthy eating can be achieved on any budget or busy schedule. 

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