The Diet Ruse

Recently, I learned of a coworker who was participating in a weight-loss challenge. Or rather, this was more of a nutrition restriction challenge: 30 days of “cleansing” the body of the toxic substance that is sugar. Surely it took some guts for her to share details of the challenge with the scrutinizing minds of the dietitians with whom she works. Even she was skeptical about the legitimacy of the plan but stated that she needed a kick-start to lose weight. Looking at the guidelines of her “detox” it’s no wonder she was attracted to this strict plan that promises weight loss and to cure her nefarious addiction to sugar. The rules are very clear: eat only these foods, and none of these foods

Raleigh 70.3- What Disappointment?

Disappointment is no fun. Of course, it is a necessary component of growth and life in general. I find myself face to face with this fact as I reflect on my third race this season that leaves me unsatisfied. But if you know me, you know I’m positive and tenacious, two characteristics that serve me well when examining disappointment. Following Ironman Texas, my body relished the couple weeks of easy-going recovery training. I basically did whatever I felt like doing for as long as I felt like doing it (within reason). I’ve learned to embrace periods of recovery, especially since introducing Iron-distance racing into my schedule this past year. Once we started introducing a little focus and in

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