Calgary 70.3: The Breakthrough

Measuring success as an athlete is a peculiar thing. Training data and little wins along the way provide motivation and benchmarks for fitness gains. But the undeniable verification comes with racing. Let’s face it: an athlete can have all kinds of success with training, but executing a solid race is really where the money is (no pun intended). Optimism is a strength of mine. Staying positive even when things go awry and learning from each “failure” are virtues in which I take great pride. This season I’ve remained sanguine for the most part, but have also found myself adrift in a sea of discontent. Though each race has yielded at least one thing worth celebrating, the overall performance ha

Pacific Crest Provides The Gift

Every triathlon season, I return to Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival in Sunriver, OR with warm-fuzzies and an undertone of excitement. Though I live in Boise, this race has come to feel like a hometown event more and more each year. One of the best things about this weekend is the ease of travel. It’s only about 300 miles from Boise, and while 5+ hours on the road can drag, it certainly did not with my road trip partner and friend, Sarah Barber. A few other Boiseans joined us at a rental house in Sunriver just minutes from the village and all the goings-on. One might expect nerves to be a bit frayed with so many tri-geeks under one roof, but our house was upbeat, helpful to each other

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