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My Seasonal Alarm Clock

We get all four seasons in Idaho…and as the saying goes…sometimes in one day! This can create challenges for triathletes who notoriously enjoy outdoor training under sunny skies and mild conditions. After begrudgingly morphing into a pseudo-skier several years ago, I’ve actually come to look forward to winter (especially this past one, which has been RAD!) But my inner triathlete yearns for sunshine, trails and open road, so once the days start getting longer and the snow melts I am ready to shift back into swim/bike/run mode.

My first experience with a spring training camp was in 2014. I found that being away from my standard home life coupled with warmer climate and fresh scenery provided a jump-start for my body and mind. While I wouldn’t exactly call spring training camp a “vacation,” there is a certain ease of pressure that comes from being away from the demands of daily life, work, and family. Invigoration of the senses with new scenery provides a shift from winter slumber into sharp, triathlon-focused vigor. Without this sudden infusion of activity and warmth I think my body would likely wait until March or April to truly start coming out of winter hibernation.

Personally, I’ve enjoyed more organized and structured training camps. Chances are, I return home from those trips feeling more physically tired than when I left (then I’ve done it right!) but with renewed mental energy from the structured training. But this style isn’t for everyone. If you like a more relaxed approach, gather a few friends and take a spring trip somewhere warm and inexpensive. Bring bikes, stay in a cheap motel and go with the flow, enjoying the opportunity for a little sun on your skin and ditching the toe covers and ear warmers. Consider linking up with a local tri club or even taking a solo trip. Your spring “camp” can be whatever fits your needs to bring out your best.

Here are a few pics (and a novice vid) of my recent trip to Boulder City, NV to enjoy my annual springtime kick-start. The skis are put away for the summer and I think I’ve successfully resisted hitting snooze button for the season. My body is awake and ready to tackle 2017!

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